Damon Wood's Harmonious Junk

Psychedelic Funk Rock Jamband

Harmonious Junk was formed in Las Vegas, in 2001, as a side project for Damon Wood, then touring guitarist with the Godfather of Soul, James Brown.  Traveling the world with Brown's Soul Generals since summer ‘99, Wood wanted a band to write and perform with when not on the road with the "Hardest Working Man in Show Business". 

Twenty-two years later, Wood is still going strong with a new lineup, new songs, and a fresh approach to composing. Damon’s bio includes five year stints with The Jimmie Van Zant Band (cousin of Lynyrd Skynyrd's Ronnie Van Zant) and WhiteWater Ramble (High-Octane Rocky Mountain Dance Grass), as well as several international tours with The JB's (Brown alumni), on top of over six years and four hundred shows with the “Hardest Working Man in Show Business”. Add to that over a thousand shows and three albums of original material with Harmonious Junk.

Wood also co-wrote a book on his JB experience with author and fellow music enthusiast, Phil Carson, entitled, "Working for the Man, Playing in the Band, My Years with James Brown". ECW Press.

The current lineup consists of Damon on Guitar and Vocals, Kirk Kuykendall on Bass and Jeff Brink on Drums and Vocals. Expect well crafted originals, classic covers, and high quality musicianship.

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Making Jazzy Funk fun from Sex Machine to Sanford and Son" Playing guitar in Godfather of Soul James Brown’s band would probably provide more than enough creativity for most people, but not for Damon Wood. In his spare time he has formed the formidable jamband Harmonious Junk. Because of Wood's JB touring commitments, Harmonious Junk plays pretty much exclusively in the Denver area, he notes, adding, “We’ve played most of the venues in Denver to decent success, but now we are looking to branch out and progress.” Based on what I’m hearing, the band has plenty to offer. Since forming in Las Vegas in 2001, it has released the superbly crafted Space Cadet, which sees the band exploring a plethora of instrumental textures with some unusual twists. Not surprisingly there’s an underlying funk edge but in a jagged sort of psychedelic fashion: Witness the sassy opener “Sweet Delight” and the percolating riffs of “Bubbledown.” Elsewhere the band flits from melodic jazz-rock (not unlike Steve Kimock) to the beautifully haunting title cut, which features pirouetting leads counter-pointed by delicate piano work that really highlights the sophistication of this ensemble. Woods says that in a live environment he and his bandmates are apt to improvise more, melding songs. “We do Stevie Wonder’s ‘Sir Duke’ but without vocals… We also take ‘Sex Machine’ and segue into the theme from Sanford and Son just for fun.” Woods and fellow band members are each accomplished and exciting players that like to take risks and turn things around (Woods in particular can whip out funk riffs, blues solos and jazz fills with ease and finesse). The band is currently working on its sophomore effort. ” - Mick Skidmore

— Relax Magazine 2005

While difficult to hang a genre on this coaster, it's hard not to like the musical product of James Brown axman Damon Wood and company. Wood struts his road-tested guitar stuff on Space Cadet and demonstrates creative songwriting ability from track to track, weaving funk, blues, reggae, soul and psychedelia into a musical throw rug that recalls classics such as SRV, Billy Preston, Jimi Hendrix, Albert Collins and even Jimmy Herring. Despite these mostly dated influences, the music feels fresh, with a personality all its own. Keywork by Chad Aman (also of Denver's Cocktail Revolution and Byron Shaw Projex) simmers and shines throughout, while bass ace Jack Alterman keeps the low end tight as a new pair of loafers. The disc goes out with a bang, not a whimper, stringing together four solid butt-kickers: "Gimme Gimme," "Only True Friend," "Magic" and "Luster.” - Nick Hutchinson

Westword Magazine - January 27, 2005

The Colorado Music scene is once again rewarded with renowned guitarist Damon Wood. His latest album is a vehicle of new creativity in the “Jamband” arena. Most don’t know that Wood was a touring guitarist with Rock n’ Roll hall of famer James Brown for 7 years and it is evident of his experience throughout his latest disc, Sirens and Pipers. Showing amazing diversity, Wood and crew (Brian Efros on bass and Rob Buehler on drums) proliferate a mix of Funk, Reggae, Rock and Jam into a very friendly ride for ear. Self produced, the quality of the recording is top notch, artwork and overall presentation (any artist that includes a SECOND disc of info is a friend of all media) is pro-level. Wood’s solos, crafty rhythms, and knowledge of song structure are obvious and very well done. This is must have disc for the road-trip, chilling with friends, or just for attitude adjustment in a good way. Wood knows how to make you feel good about yourself, and rightfully so, because you deserve it!” - The Swami

Colorado Music Buzz - September 1, 2013

Harmonious Junk is for all intents and purposes a feel-good band — mixing a friendly humor reminiscent of Zappa with the funk of James Brown. And, simply put, former James Brown guitarist and Harmonious junk leader, Damon Wood knows how to kick it. Taking you on a trip through the musical ethers, Too Cocky in Nagasaki showcases the band’s studio efforts with a fierce command and a refreshingly loose feel at the same time. It shows not only a reminiscent introspection (“My Friend and Me”) but a jokingly relaxed attitude (“Hippy Girl”). The band juxtaposes the best talent any jam/funk band has to offer with the chilled out point of view of a seasoned and experienced group proving that no subject is off limits. The music is mostly illustrative of a summer barbecue with good beer, good smoke and pretty girls dancing all around the place. Featuring legendary bassist and vocalist from the Brown days, Fred Thomas, the album expresses its talent in a smooth yet funky, at times jazzy, journey through genres. Harmonious Junk landed “Best Jamband” by Westword in 2005 and the band lives up to its reputation by providing the funkiest, grooviest, and headiest rhythms and musical expositions to the Front Range. This is the epitome of music to “get down” to.” - Michael Hedrick

Marquee Magazine - May 1, 2009