1. Galactic Glove

From the recording Too Cocky in Nagasaki

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It was a cold Colorado night
A billion starts up in the sky
So I figured I just might
See if I could fly
I wanna get real high

So I went down by the lake
I was feelin' pretty baked
About four sheets to the wind
Damn near high as I'd ever been

Then a light came from above the trees
Followed by a sight I'd never seen
As I ducked around behind a shrub

Out came a little green man with a big rubber glove
Lookin' for some intergalactic love
Bouncin' around from globe to globe
Just lookin' for some good clean probe
Some good clean probe

That's when I got the fuck outta Dodge
I don't need no alien rectal massage
I'm just fine the way I be
Don't need no galactic glove in me
Don't need no galactic glove in me
Watch out for the probe
Point 2

Then I seen em comin' up a round the bend
Had a bunch of little green alien friends
They were shootin' little lasers and flashing' little lights
Gonna get some probe or gonna start a fight
They want some probe tonight

By Damon Wood